20 Things Your Small Groups Can Do Virtually Together [Podcast]


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In PART #6 of this exclusive series on COVID-19 & Small Groups, hosts Steve Gladen & Derek Olson talk about the 20 Things Your Small Groups Can Do Virtually Together. Just click play to listen to this episode below.


20 Things List:


1 Check in with each-other outside the fellowship time 2 Do a game night 3 Send a note of encouragement 4 Do quarantine meme icebreakers


5 Do the “Journey with Jesus” app tour 6 Memorize a Bible verse together 7 Fast a meal together 8 Have group members bring one question each to group that everyone can answer


9 Put a COVID note on the door of the elderly 10 Do care calling for the elderly 11 Do a food drive in each members neighborhood 12 Share resources for people who are out of work


13 Map your neighborhood 14 pray for your neighbors 15 Share Jesus with a non-believer 16 Do a mailbox invite


17 Do communion 18 Do a prayer session 19 Do a night of worship 20 Do am emotional wellness worksheet

COVID-19 Resources

Emotional Wellness Worksheet


Understanding The Elements Of Stress In Job Loss


  1. Where can I find the written resources/links mentioned in the podcast? I looked but didn’t see them anywhere.

  2. Do you have the list of 20 items? I must have missed #15, since #16 was apparently the mailbox invite. Also, can you explain the mailbox invite a bit more please? I got something about donuts.. LOL! This is a GREAT resource, though – thank you! I lead our Small Group Leader Coach ministry and look forward to sharing this information with the team.

  3. Hi, thank you for such great ideas! Where can I find the notes? 20 things that you can do for small group Time? Thanks

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