5 Ways to Engage and Connect Small Groups during COVID-19


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In the midst of COVID-19, many people are feeling the effects of isolation. Small Groups are a tremendous blessing in these times, providing much-needed outlets for connection, encouragement, and care. Despite not being able to gather together “in house,” this is a great time to build up engagement with Small Group leaders, and also foster connections among various Small Groups. Below are 5 ways to engage and connect Small Groups during COVID-19:

#1 Mentor Monday

Encourage Group Leaders to reach out to ONE other leader each week. Encourage them to share ideas, offer support, and pray for one another (Hebrews 10:24-25)

#2 Transformation Tuesday

We know that there are lessons to be learned in the midst of trials, and that we grow as a result of these lessons. It’s important to remind leaders this, and help them recognize the value of collecting and celebrating transformation stories. This is a perfect time to engage your group leaders and ask them to share the ways God is bringing about transformation (both individually, as well as within each Small Group). This provides much-needed encouragement and inspiration, but most importantly, God gets glorified! There are various ways you can collect and share these stories: First, ask leaders to share a short testimonial via a video message, which can be posted to a Facebook page (if you have one) every Tuesday. Secondly, since not everyone is on Facebook, nor has a Facebook page, you can communicate via a weekly encouragement email and include a link for this video. Lastly, have leaders engage group members in their weekly Small Group meetings, by asking them to share lessons they learned during the week, as well as how they are being grown Spiritually day by bay. Encourage them to share and collect as many stories as you can to share and celebrate!

#3 Worship Wednesday

Why not make Wednesday a day for Worship? Music is powerful and healing, so why not lift spirits by encouraging leaders to share their favorite Worship song on Wednesdays? This works great using a Facebook page or, you can also encourage leaders to share with their own individual groups by sending a link to listen via text or email (whatever works best for the group).

#4 Telephone Thursday

Make Thursdays a day to encourage groups to pick up the phone for a good ol’ telephone call! Check in with people in your group, reach out and encourage your pastors; or call someone that you know is lonely and going through a hard time in the midst of COVID-19.

#5 Family Friday

Why not take this time to get to know various Groups even better — create a “Small Group Family Tree”? Invite each of your Small Groups to compile a slide that represents their group. Some questions to ask can include (but, not limited to!!): Group Name; how long has the group been together for; what is one word that describes your group; what is something that makes your group unique; what is the favorite group snack; what is the favorite study your group has done; how does your group like to pray togetether; share one of your funniest Small Group moments. You can also ask them to include a group photo (maybe a sweet one; a funny one, or a recently-inspired Zoom Group moment!). This is a great way to bring about connection among various Small Groups and learn new things from one another.

In the midst of COVID-19, let’s not miss the opportunity to engage and deepen connections, both within groups and among various groups! Let’s spur one another on, encourage, support, and showcase our groups. Remember, we are ALWAYS better together!