We Offer Two Unique Small Group Training Tracks

Small Group Point Person Track

Align (Learning Small Group Ministry Essentials)

“Align" is an online course that will help you learn the Small Group Ministry essentials. This training is designed to set the Small Group Point Person (SGPP) of your church up for success. Small Groups are not a program of your church, they ARE your church! Too often the church misses the purpose it was designed for - to change lives. In this training you will learn how to align your small group ministry to your church’s Vision and Mission. The SGPP will learn the basics of “why small groups matter,” “what systems are needed,” “how to design a strategy,” “what is needed in your small group ministry structure” and “what their next steps for success will be.” To bring our “Align” training as an event to your church and region, email our events director Daniel at

Accelerate! (Planning for Exponential Growth)

Pre-requisite: for the maximum experience, we recommend you take the "Align" course first. The “Accelerate!” small group workshop will help you & your leadership team build a 12 to 18-month strategic plan for your Small Group Ministry by going through the 20 key questions every small group point person (SGPP) needs to know. You will finish the workshop with goals that are prioritized and calendarized and a strategic plan in your hand, as we provide time for you to build the plan. With that said, coming with a team will be the most beneficial. This is a very robust jam packed two days and you will leave exhausted BUT feeling great to have a finished product in hand. To bring “Accelerate!” to your church and bless your region, email our events director Daniel at

The Lobby (Networking with other Small Group Point People)

The “Lobby” small group gathering is a pure networking event. The complete opposite of “Accelerate!” It has a relaxed pace and a stunning environment to meet and learn from other Small Group Point People (SGPP). We design talks that challenge you to discuss areas you wouldn’t naturally gravitate to (Together Times), some talks that cover the basics tools you need in a Small Group Ministry (Topic Times) and casual discussions (Table Times). All discussions are optional, although most people attend. We also design a rest break on day 2 where you have from lunch until the evening session to do whatever you like in beautiful Orange County.

Small Groups Leader Track

Attain (Establishing Your Small Group Foundation)

At “Attain” your Small Group Leaders will establish a foundation to set their members and small group up for Biblical success. This online learning experience will help set the foundation for the small group leader and members in four critical areas; Discovering their essentials, Determining their path, Developing their leadership and Deepening their heart.

     Discovering Your Essentials. To lead a group, you need to know where you are going. We like to call this “beginning with the end in mind.” This section sets the overview of the purpose of the small group and the goals of the group to achieve Biblical health based on the five commands of the Great Commission and the great commandment.

     Determining Your Path. To know where to take your group not only requires you to know the “end in mind,” but the path to get you there. In this section you will discover the core elements that make any group succeed. These seven core elements are a must for every group leader to know in developing the people God has put before them.

     Developing Your Leadership. Everything rises and falls on leadership. Do your small group leaders know the skills to make them the leader God needs and wants? We all know that leading a group can be challenging. In this session we will deliver some practical skills that will develop their leadership that will help your leaders become more effective in leading and managing their groups.

     Deepening Your Heart. The heart of your small group leader will ultimately determine the heart of their small group. This session will deal with the issue of character specific to the small group leader. We will discuss the areas where we must excel as a small group leader as well as some of the key pitfalls that we must avoid. This session will include some practical tools that will help them measure their personal growth and engage four questions essential to their spiritual character.

To bring “Attain” to your church and bless your region. Email our events director Daniel at

Advance (Creating Healthy Small Groups)

Pre-requisite: for the maximum experience, we recommend you take the "Attain" course first. Advance is a one day bootcamp in the small group basics. Designed for the Small Group Leader or Point Person for your small group ministry, these seven sessions will help you set the foundation of your Small Group Ministry and help your Small Group Leaders walk away with a personal spiritual health plan and a small group health plan for their small group. Each Small Group Leader will walk away with an understanding of how to build into their small group: authentic fellowship, doable discipleship, mobilizing members, reaching non-believers and sacrificial worship. To bring "Advance" to your church and bless your region, email our events director Daniel at




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