2 Keys to Add Value to those You Lead

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Knowing Your People – Grows Your People

In a season of recruiting Small Group Point People (SGPP), here’s what I’ve learned: Knowing them ultimately grows them!

In other words, knowing the people you serve with is what enables growth to take place.

The more that people feel respected and known, the more they share that with others through conversation. The more they share that with others, the more people will want to be a part of the team! Whether you are leading other SGPP or leading a small group, the principle of adding value to people works in all different capacities.

But, the first step is…

#1. Know Your People

  • Who are they?
  • What makes them tick?
  • What makes them mad, sad, and glad?
  • What makes them feel valued?

The more people feel valued, the more they feel they belong, which results in a sense of ownership! This ends up producing lasting and healthy, strong fruit.

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Once, you know your people, step two is…

#2. Grow Your People 

How are you adding value to the people around you?

  • Are you encouraging them through words of affirmation?
  • Are you giving challenges that help fuel them?
  • Are you asking questions that help them know you care about who they are & not just what they do?

Inherently, valuing the people by knowing the people is what grows the people! The two are connected and go hand in hand.

Everyone all around can see how we are treating those we lead, and if we as SGPP are talking about how much fun it is to serve in this capacity and what a joy and privilege it is, it ends up creating buy in and buy-in creates trust! Trust is exactly what we want and need as SGPP.

A Few Reflection Questions to Consider:

  • Who do you need to invite on your team?
  • Who do you need to value more on your team?
  • What do you need to do to create a habit of adding value to the people around you?

If you are a SGPP:

It might be continuing to share the vision and see how other people are adding value. It might be going above and beyond to care for the people in your group!

If you help lead other SGPP:

It might be leading with intentionality and thinking outside of the box to creatively add value to people. It might be rewarding what you want to see more of.

When we know the people, we ultimately grow the people!


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