3 Ways to Keep Momentum Going in Low-Key Seasons

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I once heard John Maxwell say, “When you have momentum, don’t take a vacation.”

As funny as this is- it’s really true. Why would you stop the momentum? When you are surfing, you wait for the wave to build, then you ride it out. You don’t just stop mid- wave and get off. You ride it out.

The same is true with momentum and small groups. So, there are three ways that can help us keep the momentum going.

1. Start the Conversation Early

Who are new people you could potentially recruit? Who’s shoulders can you tap? How are you looking for ways to help people get excited about the upcoming launch of small groups? One way I do this is I keep a small notebook of names the Lord has given me of who I am praying for in hopes they will lead a group. This list helps me remember who I need to have a conversation with about leading a small group. I usually start this process a few months in advance so I can answer any of their questions and give them specifics as to why I think they would be a great SGPP (Small Group Point Person).

2. Keep the Conversation Going Often

You never explain small groups to someone briefly for the firs time and say, “Got it? Okay good.” For free, I’ll add in a tip, that it just never works. It is an ongoing conversation. It is about speaking into the lives of the potential SGPP, taking the time to answer their questions, and help them feel prepared for the next launch of groups.

3. Give Them Ownership

Last but not least, it is about giving the person ownership. Help them be a part of the preparation process before the next launch. Have them research curriculum or a book they’d like to use or one they would recommend. Help them network and connect with other SGPP so they have a support system. Empower them to be SGPP, and help them think of themselves as a leader with that leadership position.

There isn’t a specific formula to keep momentum going. Instead, keeping it simple is what keeps the momentum going through having conversations, early, often, and with ownership.

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