4 Ways to Care For Your Small Group Leaders During COVID-19

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Things are changing rapidly, and for some of us, our pace has picked up, especially with the new jobs we can add to our resume: homeschooler, master germ killer, and online group guru. So, what does it look like to effectively care for your SGPP in this season? This blog talks about four things that you could implement literally today. But, before we begin, one caveat to this blog post is that as we are caring for others in this season, let’s not forget to care for our own souls too. We cannot give what we don’t have.

Compound Interest– The first way to effectively care is by recognizing that everything we do today has a compounding effect. In crisis, no act is too small. So, do not be afraid to reach out through voice texts, cards, phone calls, or social media. Every little thing adds up over time. And don’t be afraid because you might “bother” someone. I have yet to hear someone say that they wish people were contacting them less in this season.

Consistent Check-ins– Be consistent in your check-ins. Go above and beyond to make yourself available. If you are comfortable, give your cell number and email so that people can reach out to you whenever they need to. But, don’t wait for them to contact you! Be proactive with your check-ins and set regularly scheduled times to check in with them consistently.

Challenge Yourself– Get outside of your regular rhythms of care. I’ve challenged myself to reach out everyday (through various forms) to 3-5 people who I don’t talk with on a daily basis. Who are those who you haven’t talked with in a couple of weeks or months that would be glad to hear from you? Be consistent and use this season to challenge yourself to get out of some of your tunnel focused rhythms.

Communicate Value– Add value behind the screen. All the more in a crisis, it is critical to remember the soft data about people’s lives. Just because a lot feels like it is cancelled or put on hold doesn’t mean birthdays, anniversaries, or important dates are put on hold. In fact, the remembrance of those dates may be magnified in a person’s life if they are navigating emotional stress during this crisis. Be diligent in remembering these.

If I could summarize the 4 C’s that would be critical to implementing care today, it would be:

  • Everything adds up to compound interest
  • Be consistent with your check-ins
  • Challenge yourself to have a greater reach.
  • Communicate value to people through what’s most important to them.

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