5 Time Saving Hacks For Training Small Group Leaders

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As a small group point person you’ve been reading books, watching videos and huddling with other point people to learn best practices in all things group related. You know all the things. Or getting there. You’ve led leader trainings and they’ve been um…. fine. Sometimes even great. Especially when all your leaders show up. High-5 for that! 

Are you wondering how to offer more frequent practical training for group leaders in a world where brewing a K-Cup is too much of a time commitment? 

Whether you are looking for a fresh way to deliver content you already own or looking to train leaders yourself, you can train small group leaders without adding more meetings to their calendar.  Who needs more meetings at the church campus when you’ve got the internet and a laptop or smart phone at your disposal? [Hint: password protect content you are not allowed or licensed to share outside of your church]. Here are 5 time saving hacks for training small group leaders via video:

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If you are looking for great content and resources already created for you, check out Small Group Leadership Training Kit by Saddleback Groups Pastor, Steve Gladden.

What are your favorite hacks for training group leaders? Share in the comments!


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