5 Ways to Plan on Getting Refreshed this Summer

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You as a small group point person have walked through so much in the last year. This pandemic has forced many groups to go out of their comfort zone. The current affairs of our country have led to heated conversation. On top of that, serving a church in any role adds layers of complexity.

Grief, exhaustion, anxiety, and uncertainty have surfaced in this season. Amid all the crisis, we probably have not taken the time needed to get refreshed – to receive rest and even a different perspective.

I want to invite you right now to consider how this summer could be a season of refreshment. You might not feel you have permission to do it, but you need it. You can even use this article as a conversation starter for the people you who lead you and who you lead. Here are a few tips on how you can begin to refresh yourself this summer:

1. Plan for the fall launch right now.

Part of experiencing a summer of refreshing means planning right now. Instead of trying to do all the planning in August for September, start right now. You may not have all the answers, but you can create the task list and engage leaders. Here are a few questions:

  • When we will launch small groups in the fall?
  • How will we do it? A sermon series? A group campaign?
  • How many leaders do I need to recruit?
  • When we will have huddles and new group trainings?
  • What’s the task list to start the fall?

Planning right now will allow you to create a priority list and provide a space for you to take a break.

2. Plan to get away.

When I married my wife Robyn, I inherited a yearly vacation in the summer to Ocean City, NJ. That trip has become a lifeline to me. Every year, I feel like I put my phone and email away a little longer. For you, you might not be able to take a whole week, but what can you do? Take a day away. Plan a Sunday off. Don’t skimp on a vacation this summer.

3. Plan for other leaders to be away.

Ask the people you serve with when they will take their time off. Whether you lead staff or volunteers, you can offer them time of refreshment this summer. Give them that invitation.

4. Plan activities you will look forward to throughout the summer.

I didn’t get a chance to shoot hoops last summer. One of the things I’m trying to do is plan some time to play basketball with a few friends. Get out on the boat. Take the hike. Discover a new hobby. Find little pockets of time to refresh yourself.

5. Plan time with your family.

This year, we welcomed our second daughter. I have noticed that when I’m more present with my wife and two daughters things just go better. You have an opportunity this summer to reset with your family. Look for space during the week. Maybe this is the year that you practice a Sabbath.

I want to invite you to experience refreshment this summer. Now, more than ever you need to receive as a leader the grace of rest. Creating space for rest is one way that God prepares us for the work He will do in us.

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