5 Ways to Renew Your Passion

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Jackie Pullinger says, “God wants us to have soft hearts and hard feet. The trouble with so many of us is that we have hard hearts and soft feet.”

Renewing our passion must happen daily, not monthly or quarterly! There are many ways to renew your passion, but five that I wanted to share in this quick video are:

  1. Fill Your Tank-
  • Know what this is- what do you love to do? What makes you feel refreshed? If I were to ask you right now, how would you answer? If you don’t know- learn more about this area of your life.
  • Challenge yourself- do something you’ve never done before! Maybe it’s a new hiking trail or a new opportunity/hobby!

2) Have DAILY Time with God-

  • This is what fills your cup before you even start the day. Don’t short change this.

3) Connect regularly with others:

  • Meet with a mentor
  • Meet with other Small Group Point People
  • Focus on quality time- go for coffee with people who make you free refreshed or go on a weekend retreat with a few friends and spend some time soaking in God’s presence and quality time with His people!

4) Invest in Others

  • Find ways to give to others
  • How can you bless your neighborhood? Your community?
  • Can you mentor someone?

5) Own Your Calendar

  • Own this or it will own you!
  • Prioritize the WHO and the WHAT. I keep a calendar that actually has hour by hour what I’m doing when. You might think that’s a little rigid and why would you need that? But I’ve found that my calendar started to rule me. Maybe you’ve been there before too. So, if I schedule what time I’m watching TV, I’m no longer saying, “Man, I shouldn’t have sat there for that long.” I’ve become more productive because I’m not just working on what comes to me next, I’m working on what is best for that hour in light of the day that’s based on the overall week. There’s even flexible time built in so there’s plenty of time for fun and relaxing! In other words, I started using my calendar on my computer because I learned I needed to zoom-in in order to increase my productivity in the long run and not be overrun by it.

These are just a few ways that you can continually renew your passion on a regular and DAILY basis!

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