6 Ways to Get Better at Leading

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“When the leader gets better, everybody wins.” -Bill Hybels.

This is one of my favorite quotes. It is also a personal challenge for me. The quote reminds me that if I want my team to get better and if I want those I lead to get better, then I have to get better. This is the challenge all leaders face. And as a small group point person you are a leader. Here are six ways to make sure you are getting better as a leader, so the everybody wins.

  1. Use the Bible as a leadership book. Maybe it’s just me, but for years I never considered using the Bible as a leadership book. I knew that all solid leadership principles were scripturally based, but I never thought to use the word of God as a leader’s guide. A quick search of plans on the You Version app shows over 25 plans focused on leadership. Pick one and make it a priority to complete each day.
  2. Find a mentor. Actually find multiple mentors. Find people who are further down the road than you are and spend time with them. I have a mentor for my role as a small group point person, another for my role as a husband, another for my financial life, another for being a Dad. Most of these relationships are not formal mentorships. I just hang out with people I want to be like.
  3. Read…a lot. This could also be called mentorship, part 2. Do you wish you could hang out with Steve Gladen and pick his brain about small groups? You can! Read, “Leading Small Groups with Purpose.”Do you want to know how a campus pastor leads under Andy Stanley? Read, “How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge”  by Clay Scroggins. Reading gets you the best thoughts of amazing leaders.
  4. Go back through your notes. I have a stack of conference books in my office from numerous conferences I have attended. For years these just sat there. Lately, I have adopted a practice of going back through my notes from these events. There are leadership nuggets in there. When you do this, you might just be surprised by how insightful you were.
  5. Get leaders on your team. As a small group point person this is part of the job for most of us. However, intentionally recruiting high-caliber leaders will make you a better leader. If you are not challenged to be a better leader by the quality of the people you lead, recruit better people.
  6. Take risks. Set goals that you are nervous might result in you having to explain why you failed. Playing it safe is guaranteed to make it easy for you to maintain the status quo. Pushing the envelope will force you to be a better leader.You owe it to the people you are leading to be the best leader you can possibly be, they deserve that. I also want to remind you that your leadership is making an eternal difference.

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