Downloadable Resources to Help Start Your Church’s Small Groups

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Learn how to start a small group ministry at your church with these great tools!
How To start a small group

If you are a new Small Group Point Person or your time and resources are limited in leading groups, this post is especially for you. One of my favorite parts of the Small Group Network is the eagerness to share knowledge, experience and resources with other Small Group Point People in order for all to succeed. Over the years I have used bits, pieces and large chunks from many ministries to help shape the Small Group impact in our local church. The following links are available for you to copy completely or partially to fit your ministry context best. I pray these resources will assist you in whatever way is necessary to jumpstart or enhance your church’s Small Groups!

SG Leader Communication Plan (.pdf)

“Small Groups” Graphic (White, .png)
“Small Groups” Graphic (Black, .png)
“Circles are Better Than Rows” Graphic (White, .png)
“Circles are Better Than Rows” Graphic (Black, .png)
“Circles are Better Than Rows” Social Media Graphic
“Better Together” Graphic (.jpeg)

Small Group Interest E-mail (Click Here for .docx – Here for .pdf)
Small Group Interest Follow Up E-Mail (Click Here for.docx – Here for .pdf)

SG Leader Training 1 (Click Here for .docxHere for .pdf)
SG Leader Training 2 (Click Here for .docxHere for .pdf)

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