How to Host an Accelerate Small Group Workshop

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You may have heard of these 2-day intensives called, “Accelerate,” run by the Small Group Network. Accelerate is an environment where you and your team get to take a 360-degree view of your ministry and you’re able to make comprehensive plans for the year in order to accelerate the health and growth of your small group ministry. Isn’t it always a challenge to step away from the work of our ministry in order to work on our ministry? Well, now is your chance. This is exactly what Accelerate is for and as a bonus- it’s with other really great Small Group Point People.

We are about to host another Accelerate at our church in Washington, D.C., and I’m so excited. We hosted one two years ago, and it was a game changer for our team. We learned so much, wrestled with some of the processes we had always been doing that were ready for change, and invented new ideas as a team that were creative and innovative.

So, I thought I’d share a few how-to host tips so that you can host an Accelerate at your church and included a few benefits as to why you should!

How-To: (Hosting an Accelerate is a lot easier than you think!)

Step 1– Contact the Small Group Network. Email the Events Director at (daniel@smallgroupnetwork,com), send them a message via Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Step 2– Gather a few other individuals (Small Group Point People, your team, leaders, etc.) who can commit to the process.

Step 3– Talk with Daniel, the SGN Events Director

Step 4– Schedule a date- get something on the calendar!

Step 5– Invite people in your area + communicate when and where the event is happening.

Step 6– Work with Daniel to create a timeline of what you need to do when.


1– For starters, you get to know your team a lot better when you work with them outside of the day to day work in the office!

2– You get to know other people in your area or you can stay in touch with others via Zoom, Google Hangout, etc. who are also in small groups! No one is in this alone, and it’s incredible to know people who are doing the same work as you just in different states!

3– You walk away with a plan you can implement immediately!

If you haven’t been to an Accelerate, check it out on our events page on the smallgroupnetwork.com/events and if you have been, consider hosting an Accelerate!

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