How to Join the Small Group Network?

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Thanks for your interest in the Small Group Network (SGN).

The Small Group Network exists to support, encourage and resource Small Group Ministry Leaders. Specifically, our target audience is the person or team responsible for the overall success of that ministry in local Christian congregations.

The SGN is a global network with people actively involved around the world. You can join the SGN by simply “registering” at our website www.SmallGroupNetwork.com

WHAT YOU GET: (and it’s FREE)

  • Access to free resources on our Blog
  • Ability to connect with other Small Group Ministry Leaders near you through our Huddle network
  • Regular E-newsletters with original, relevant content
  • Access to SGN leadership for personal contact
  • Access to our Job Board
  • First access to SGN conferences and events, with member discounts when available

**NOTE – in the future, premium resources may become available at nominal expense**

WHAT WE ASK OF YOU: (put your money away, it’s FREE)

  • Get involved with a local Huddle – we believe that no one has all the answers and that everyone has something to offer. When we openly share what we have learned we all benefit and God’s Kingdom is advanced
  • Post, Comment and Share on your favorite social media(s). Connect with us on:

You can be part of the Largest Global Network of Small Group Ministry Leaders.

Register Here

We’re Better Together!

If you have a specific question contact eric@smallgroupnetwork.com

For questions about connecting with others in the US and Canada contact jay@smallgroupnetwork.com

For questions about connecting with others outside of the US and Canada contact ron@smallgroupnetwork.com

Have a question or an insight? Leave it below!


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