Lasting Impressions of Value

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You are valuable- I may not know you, but I know you are valuable. Jesus tells me so in the story of value in Luke 12. He is talking about the birds of the air and the clothes we wear and states, “Of how much more value are you than the birds” (12:24, NIV).

But, you have to know your own value before you recognize the value in others. Value is not based on your own standard- it is based on God’s.

Adding value, I believe, is one of the most crucial aspects to retaining small group leaders and coaches. It isn’t a magical formula or a system to follow, but it can be the difference between the leaders serving short-term versus long-term. If you feel valued, would you also feel appreciated for serving with your gifts and talents? The likely answer is, “Yes”. Similarly, you want them to feel that they belong and are serving right where God wants them.

How are you adding value to small group leaders and coaches today? Very often, we can verbalize our appreciation to them, but it may not stick as much as we had hoped. Your words are critically important but your actions are all the more important if you want to leave a lasting impression of value.

I’ve included just a few tips for adding value to other group leaders and coaches that I have found work well:

Start Small– No need to go out and buy everyone a gift because you’ll set an expectation. Small tokens of appreciation can make a difference because they require time and energy. Plus, if you start small you can craft the form of appreciation specific to the person.

Appreciate Now– Don’t wait until the end of the small group calendar to show appreciation or communicate value. Sometimes waiting until the end actually displays that they have to work for your appreciation.

Be Specific– Speak specific truths into their lives. Write several thank you notes stating why you are grateful for them and their leadership. The more leaders you have, the harder this becomes. If you cannot write them all out- type them up and print your leaders a note. It is the words and the effort that count.

Treat Them– On occasion, buy them a birthday cupcake or a gift card to show honor. It adds value to who they are.

Think Outside the Box– Not every leader needs a specific gift. Maybe one leader is in a really rough season in their personal life and need dinner brought to them. Certainly work within what you are permitted to do at your church or organization but often times, the best ways to communicate value are what you do outside of your job description.

Who Not What– Last, but certainly not least, appreciate and value the leaders/coaches based on who they are, not just what they do. It is one thing for people to feel appreciated because they worked hard- it is another thing to feel appreciated because of what they bring to the table- themselves. 

The more we communicate value, the better our relationships will be.

You are valuable and you belong. Who do you need to add value to in this small group season?

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