So You Launched Online Small Groups, Now What? [Podcast]

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PART #1 – 5 Ways to Keep Community Vibrant through COVID-19

PART #2 – 5 Ways to Launch Online Small Groups NOW during COVID-19

PART #3 – 10 Checkpoints to Know if Your Small Group Ministry is Healthy during COVID-19

In PART #4 of this exclusive series on COVID-19 & Small Groups, hosts Steve Gladen & Derek Olson talk about the 5 C’s that your small group leaders need during COVID-19. Just click play to listen to this episode below.

PART 5 – Protecting Your Mental Health & Helping Your Leaders Thrive Emotionally During COVID-19


Learn How To Use Zoom In 5 Minutes For Online Small Groups

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7 Childcare Solutions For Your Small Group

Rick Warren’s “Care Calling” Script

Hi, this is (first name) from Saddleback Church.  I’m a Care Caller for Pastor Rick. Rick asked me to call you and find out how you are doing during this Virus Crisis. Because our church family isn’t able to meet together right now, we’ve started a number of new ministries to help people who are confined to their homes. For instance, we have a Tech Support Ministry that help you watch the weekend service and even connect to your small group online. We also have a Care Kit Ministry that can bring food or essential supplies to your door. We also have an Emotional Support Ministry that you can call to get encouragement.   So I’m calling to ask Is there any way we can we help you? Do you need anything right now? 

If they need tech support- give their name to…. If they need food or supplies, give their name to… If they need emotional support- give them care hotline

You know, most of our members are connected to a small group for support. Would you like me to help you get connected to a small group for support?   (assume they are NOT in one) If they say “I’m already in one”  Say “Oh That’s great!  Rick would like to add you to the small group roster. Who is the leader or host of your group and when do you meet?”  (Record the answer)

Thanks so much!  I’d like to pray for you, but first, let me ask- Is there anything you’d like for me to pass on to Pastor Rick from you? Let me Pray for you: (include this in your prayer)

Dear God, I thank you for (first name) and I thank you that they are a part of our Saddleback Church family.  Help them to feel your love and our love too. I’m so grateful that we don’t have to go through this crisis alone – but we have each other to depend on and care  for each other.  I pray you will keep (name) safe and healthy, and we look forward to the day that we can join together again in  our church family.   In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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