The Top 5 Posts of 2016

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I love a good “best of” post. Whether you’re looking for the “best gifs,” the “best celebrity fails,” the “best travel destinations,” or the “top 5 ways to get rid of that foot fungus” (here’s to you, Steve Gladen :-)), we all love a summary of the best.

Which is why I particularly love the top 5 posts from 2016 on our Small Group Network blog. I’m a small groups guy. I leave, breathe, and bleed small groups. So I want to consume the best information I can to help in the ministry God’s called me to.

In 2016, 5 posts rose to the top. Here they are:

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The top 5 posts of 2016

  1. Chris Surratt’s podcast was so good that the blog ABOUT the podcast hit the top 5 list. Wow. Who knew that intentionally engaging people from the “front row to the fringes,” people that are AND AREN’T like us, would be such a hot topic? Maybe we all could use a little tightening up in reaching people that aren’t clones of us. Speaking of things we could use a little help with…
  2. Training. We are ALL looking to get better training and developing our leaders, right? How great was it that Ron Wilbur brought the top 5 tips from around the world on having highly effective leader training. So this is a top 5 post giving us the top 5 tips on leading the top kind of training…it’s the top of the top. We’ve come to expect that from Wilbur!
  3. Did 2016 bring any “difficult people” into your lives? I bet it did. That’s why we all loved this post that helped us avoid the one big mistake in dealing with difficult, frustrating people. Go ahead, give it another read. You’ll be glad you did.
  4. Let’s not just stop with caring for others. We need to care for ourselves as well. Thank you very much, Andrew camp. 2016 was a bit brighter…and more introspective…because you helped me care for me.
  5. This wouldn’t be a “top 5 blog posts” blog without mentioning the 8 expert tips to having the best SGN huddle. You guys loved this post! Laura Copeland is an expert, and you’d do yourself a favor to read (or reread) this one. And maybe start praying about launching your own huddle in 2017? Nah…don’t pray about it. Just do it! ?

Here’s to 2017! Happy new year!

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