The Twelve, an Interview

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The Twelve Conference, for small group point people, is happening soon! Click HERE to register now, for you and your leadership team! Questions? Lineup of speakers?

Here’s an interview with Ron Wilbur, one of the conference architects.


I asked Ron to further describe what the experience is going to be like, and this is what he said:

1.       The “Work It Out” track has great new content including discussions among leading small group practitioners on some of the challenging questions of today, such as:

  • Are small groups still relevant or has their time passed?
  • Can small groups play any role in spiritual formation and growth or are they just fellowship?
  • Is missional just a buzzword or is it a mandate for small groups?
  • How do you influence the senior pastor or other ministry leaders by leading up or sideways?
  • Should we even attempt to measure “growth” in groups and if so, what do we measure?
  • Can small groups really do discipleship or are they just fellowship circles?
  • What are the newest emerging trends in small groups and why should I care?

2.       This year the Area License gives you several exciting new options: You can host your own conference in your church on your schedule with your music and your emcee. We’ll provide the Twelve+ content on a portable hard drive for whichever track you select. You have a 60-day window to have “your” conference. You can charge whatever you like and keep all the revenues. Every person attending your conference gets a log-in code. This gives them on-demand access to the content in the track you selected, plus the over 20 sessions in the Bonus Track, and all for just $1 per person extra!

3.       This year Area License churches have the option to buy the hard drive, which means you could have “your” conference whenever – even after the 60 days. Use the material as annual training for your team. Make it your pre-campaign “get ready” material.

4.       The Bonus Track now has two “buckets” of content – one has lots of great general sessions about small groups – how to use social media, how to do small groups in a multi-site church, awesome interviews with Len Sweet and Reggie McNeal on community and much more. The other bucket has affinity sessions – how to do men’s, women’s, couples, singles, young adults, childrens, online, workplace, family and many other affinity small groups. These sessions share tips on how to do these types of small groups and keeping them all aligned to a common vision.

Have a question or an insight? Leave it below!


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