Tips for Overcoming Video Conferencing Fatigue [Podcast]

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PART #1 – 5 Ways to Keep Community Vibrant through COVID-19

PART #2 – 5 Ways to Launch Online Small Groups NOW during COVID-19

PART #3 – 10 Checkpoints to Know if Your Small Group Ministry is Healthy during COVID-19

PART #4 – So You Launched Online Small Groups, Now What?

PART #5 – Protecting Your Mental Health & Helping Your Leaders Thrive Emotionally During COVID-19

PART #6 – 20 Things Your Small Groups Can Do Virtually Together 

In PART #7 of this exclusive series on COVID-19 & Small Groups, host Carolyn Taketa interviews Lifeway’s Discipleship and Small Groups Specialist Chris Surratt regarding tips for overcoming video conferencing fatigue. Just click play to listen to this episode below.


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