Top 10 Articles of 2019

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This was an incredible year for the Small Group Network! We’ve seen over 76,000 total blog views in 2019 alone. Our amazing team of authors all serve as small group point people in their local churches & write some of the most insightful content available for Small Group Point People. Enjoy reading our Top 10 most viewed articles from 2019

#10) “Small Group Launch Checklist”

#9) “4 Ways to Rally Your Small Group for Fall”

#8) “5 Ways to Foster Real Friendship in Small Groups”

#7) “5 Things I Would Tell Myself If I Was Starting All Over”

#6) “How to Inspire People to Join Groups”

#5) “10 Bible Verses for Small Groups on Gathering”

#4) “5 Questions to Ask Your Small Group Leaders”

#3) “7 Childcare Solutions for Small Groups”

#2) “20 Small Group Quotes by Rick Warren”

#1) “A Small Group Leader’s 30-Day Prayer Guide”

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