Top 10 Articles of 2020

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This was an incredible year for the Small Group Network! Our amazing team of authors all serve on the front lines of small group ministry in their local churches & write some of the most insightful content available for Small Group Point People. Enjoy our Top 10 most viewed articles from 2020

#10) “7 Things to communicate to your small group members during COVID-19”

#9) “Online Small Group Discussion Template”

#8) “4 Ways to Care For Your Small Group Leaders During COVID-19”

#7) “10 Questions Every Small Group Leader Should Keep in Their Bible”

#6) “6 Ways to Communicate with your Small Group Members During COVID-19”

#5) “6 Ways to do Prayer During Online Small Groups”

#4) “Online vs. In-Person: 5 Group Options for COVID Re-Entry”

#3) “How Saddleback Started 3,000 Groups During Covid-19”

#2) “6 Tips for Overcoming Virtual Meetings Fatigue”

#1) “8 Icebreakers for Online Groups” 

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Groups Tips and Advice
Josh Hunt

How to Recruit Volunteers

I would be willing to volunteer. In fact, I would be happy to volunteer—maybe even honored—but I haven’t volunteered. And, there might be a lesson here about how to recruit

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Small Group "How To"
Sean Buono

Being a Navigator of Discussion

During my undergraduate studies, I pursued a degree that required me to take some of the more challenging math courses that the university had to offer. One particular course I

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