Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018

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2018 was an incredible year for the Small Group Network! One of our Top 11 Highlights of 2018 was that we surpassed 75,000 total blog views!

A big thank you to our amazing team of authors for all of the insightful content they have written this year! Here are our top 10 blog posts based on the total number of views per post…

#10 – 5 Things All Small Group Point People Need To Know

#9 – 5 Themes for Developing a Church-Wide Small Group Culture

#8 – You Will Never Guess What I learned From Panera About Small Groups

#7 – 8 Creative Prayer Ideas for your Small Group

#6 – 5 Time Saving Hacks For Training Small Group Leaders

#5 – Downloadable Resources to Help Start Your Church’s Small Groups

#4 – Church Websites to Stalk as a Small Group Point Person

#3 – 10 Ways to Provide Care for SG Leaders

#2 – 4 Ways Churches Can Attract and Engage Millennials with Small Groups

#1 – The Best 20 Ice-Breakers for 2018

A message from Santa Steve: “Give yourself a Christmas gift that will not only strengthen your leadership, but your small group ministry as well! Lock in early bird price by Dec 31st, HERE!”

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Groups Tips and Advice
Josh Hunt

How to Recruit Volunteers

I would be willing to volunteer. In fact, I would be happy to volunteer—maybe even honored—but I haven’t volunteered. And, there might be a lesson here about how to recruit

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Small Group "How To"
Sean Buono

Being a Navigator of Discussion

During my undergraduate studies, I pursued a degree that required me to take some of the more challenging math courses that the university had to offer. One particular course I

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