Vision, Vibrance & Vulnerability: The Church Needs Small Group Point People

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Small group point person the Church needs you.  You are the voice echoing the call in Hebrews to not neglect meeting together.  Your voice reminds us that left alone systems move toward less connection not more.  You champion, you encourage, you bring vision for what could be in the lives of unconnected people, you are spiritual formation stewards for your churches, and you point out that social time is a holy pursuit as long as there’s coffee.  Maybe that last one is pushing it a bit but you do remind us that much of Jesus’ Earthly ministry involved food and community and it’s unique connection to our humanity and spirituality.  Whether you are serving in a volunteer capacity or vocationally, small group point person, the church needs your vision, the church needs your vibrance, and the church needs your vulnerability for today and for the future.

  1. The Church Needs Small Group Point People’s Vision.  If leadership truly is all about influence then vision is intrinsically wrapped up in that.  In this previous Small Group Network article vision is talked about more in depth, but in general vision is a picture you bring that invigorates those you lead by showing what could be and what should be.  Vision is a clear path forward for those that don’t know the way.  Vision is a rallying cry for those that have lost heart.  Vision is the catalyst for change for those that are not growing.  The Church needs small group point people’s God given vision.  Here’s another Small Group Network Article to check out when clarifying your vision.
  2. The Church Needs Small Group Point People’s Vibrance.  When I say vibrance I do not necessarily mean it in a loud or demonstrative way. I do however mean fully, energetically and passionately engaged with people in community.  Vibrant small group point people energize leaders and organizations.  People want to be part of something full of life and vitality.  The Church needs inspired leaders emboldened by a holy vision of what biblical community looks like.  Small group point person, the church needs your vibrance to accomplish the mission.  Read more.
  3. The Church Needs Small Group Point People’s Vulnerability.  Is your church a Safe Place?  Do you feel you can be your authentic self?  Part of leading leaders is showing the way of leading authentically.  To lead from a place of vulnerability doesn’t necessarily mean you have to share your deepest darkest secrets at every opportunity, it does mean that you don’t hide behind a mask of faux vulnerability it means you bring an authentic representation of who you really are.  It also means that you too actually experience an authentic expression of the same kind of biblical community that you encourage others to benefit from.  There’s a great GroupTalk podcast to check out.

Small group point person the Church needs you!  We need your vision, your vibrance, and your vulnerability as we continue to advance the mission.  You matter and you are appreciated!

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