Leading Yourself Well So You Don’t Lead Others Astray


Who is the toughest person in the world for you to lead? Yup, it’s you. We all know leading ourselves well is critical to the health of our ministries. Yet, we often neglect taking care of ourselves because we cater to the urgent demands of leading others. So take 30 minutes to invest in your leadership! Listen to this Group Talk conversation with Steve Gladen on leading ourselves in four areas of life and some practical tips on how to do that well.

Steve is the “expert” to the experts, one of the most influential voices in SG ministry world, and a mentor to many small groups point leaders. He is the founder of SGN and our fearless leader for building this international community so that no one stands alone. Steve has been a small groups pastor for 25+ years. Since 1998, he has been the Pastor of Small Groups at Saddleback Church where he oversees the strategic launch and development of 5,000+ adult small groups on multiple campuses. He has authored Small Groups With Purpose, which has been translated into seven languages to date, and Leading Small Groups With Purpose. Connect with Steve on Twitter: @stevegladen