Church Websites to Stalk as a Small Group Point Person


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Redesigning your church website or just want some ideas for your small group page? We’ve scoured the internet for you to find the best church websites for you to stalk as a small group point person.

Here is the list of web-links you can bookmark and get ideas from.

Hoboken Grace

Highlands Fellowship

Cooper City Groups

Elevation Church

National Community Church

The Meeting House (USA)


Hillsong (Australia)


And because I know you are wondering…what 3rd party platforms are churches using for their group finder? What makes a great groups webpage? Ok here is the low down on what we dug up as we looked into churches with the best groups page on their websites:

  1. Many of the big mega churches use their own in-house developers for their group finder tool.
  2. The most common platforms for group management to integrate into websites are Church  Community Builder, Planning Center Groups, Church Teams and, FellowshipOne.
  3. The best sites have fewer words, more picture (motion video background = even better) and VERY straightforward next steps to get into groups.

Did we miss one of your favorite church websites that  has a rocking groups page? Link to your favorites in the comments or join the conversation in the Facebook SGN group.


    • Hello there Gloria. Thanks for reading my post! I love WPC and hope their groups are thriving. If they need any help or ideas, you can contact me through The Small Group Network or Facebook.

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