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Any of our courses are open to cohorts. Just pick a course to go through with your friends or coworkers. For every 6 of you who sign up the next one is free! Head over to our courses, sign up and when it asks if you are in a cohort, put in your cohort leader’s email.

The Small Group Network Cohort Program

What is a Cohort?

A cohort is a group of small group point people who collaboratively work through a course on how to start, enhance, and/ or improve small group implementation. Each cohort is comprised of people who are serious about understanding and implementing the learnings into their small group ministry. In a cohort, there is an expectation of richness to the learning process due to the multiple perspectives offered by the various members.

How do I start a Cohort?
  • Find the course you want to grow deeper in on our course page

  • Gather a group of friends to study the course with you.

  • Purchase the number of courses (one per friend). With 6 or more friends, your course is FREE. When enrolling each member of your cohort needs to add the email of the cohort leader. After at least 6 have enrolled and submitted the email of the cohort leader, the leader can contact Trey Cox and request the code for the free course.

  • After enrolling you will receive the schedule and Cohort documentation via email and on your profile page.

  • Set your start date and fill out the dates on your schedule.

  • Having issues? Connect with our cohort director, Trey Cox

    . See his information below.

How do I join an existing Cohort?

Contact our Cohort director here

What is included?

After enrolling in a class as a Cohort, you will receive downloadable cohort template files for working through your classes together.

How much does a Cohort cost?
  • If you are organizing a Cohort: Bottom line, the more who join your Cohort, the less you spend. See the price breakdowns with each course. If you get 6 to join your Cohort, your course is free. Just contact our Director Trey for this free code.

  • If you are joining a Cohort: Ask your Cohort organizer for pricing.

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Trey Cox
Cohort Director

More Info

Trey Cox

Cohort Director



Trey Cox is the Director of Family Ministry at Christ Greenfield Church in Gilbert, AZ where he leads the small group ministry. He has a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Arizona State University and is happy to use his knowledge and gift sets to serve the Small Group Network. Trey is married to Janell. His oldest son Caleb is married to Kristen, Jordan is married to Mikhaila, and his other son Seth is in graduate school.