Small Group Re-Boot Camp


Take a look at yourself, soldier. You’re a disgrace!

Actually, I think you look great. But really, now that churches are opening back up or welcoming back members, it is time to evaluate your small group situation. 

Did your small groups thrive online and in small gatherings in people’s homes during the pandemic? Great, you can skip on down to the next section of this email. Or better yet, start a huddle so you can help others in your area. But for the rest of us, keep on reading.

You’re Never Going To Get A Better Time To Reboot Your Small Groups (Hopefully)

For those of you who are into those fixer upper type tv shows, how do you know when a house needs remodeled or just plain torn down and rebuilt? Sometimes it can be tough call. But if a raging pandemic sweeps through and burns it all down, the decision gets a lot easier. Congratulations! But honestly, you’re never going to have a better time to start over than right now. If you were day dreaming about it in the past, now’s the time to pull the trigger. 

So if you do decide to do a reboot, then what types of small group program should you consider? I’m glad you asked!

Types Of Small Groups To Consider

We here at SGN can sometimes be accused of pushing “The Saddleback Way” on everyone. Well, good news, everybody! I’ve only been at Saddleback for a month and I don’t even know what the “Saddleback Way” is! Actually, that’s not entirely true, I’ve been reading my boss’s books just in case the “Saddleback Way” involves pop quizzes. But there are plenty of types of groups represented in our fair network, here are some of the most popular for you to check out.

Right now, you’re saying, “James, reading one article on a small group isn’t going to help me get leadership buy-in, build my leadership pipeline, and help me launch a new small group program.” Ah, ha! I thought you might say that. That’s why I’m here to offer you some further learning tips.

Further Learning

Did you know we offer courses? It’s true! If you want to jump in and learn from the best, we have done our best to make them affordable so even your boss can’t complain about the cost. Check out our courses on our site.

Ok so maybe SOME bosses might still complain about developing and enriching their staff, but we do have one more trick up our sleeves…


What’s a Huddle? It is a group of super cool small group pastors and leaders who, for some reason, want to hang out with you. Just kidding, you’re great. But I did check and they really would love to meet up with you once a quarter or so and help you with your small group reboot in exchange for the pleasure of your company and community.

To join a huddle, just find one in your area by clicking here OR start your own! Especially if there isn’t one in your area, there are loads of other small group point people who would love to get together and talk shop. To start one, just click here or reply to this email and let us know that you’re interested in starting a huddle in your town. And don’t forget to check out our facebook group. It is basically made up of over 5500 small group leaders just like you!