What Every Small Group Point Person Needs to Measure


Do you have a dashboard for your ministry? 

Your car has a dashboard with a clear indicator of fuel levels, speed, and engine temp. Your Fitbit or Apple Watch track your steps and activity level. A little bundle of joy rock your world? Healthy baby check-ups are coming your way. Babies are measured. Kids are measured. Your steps counted. Your car has a fuel gauge. Why? Because healthy things grow and running out of gas on the way to dinner is not fun. Can you say hangry? [angry + hungry = sad face]  

A dashboard provides a clear indicator of how things are going in your small group ministry and how you are doing at leadership development. If you don’t have a dashboard as a small group point person, you need one. Use a whiteboard. A spreadsheet. Yellow sticky notes. Your bathroom mirror. Need help? Customize this free digital dashboard from Life.Church. What Matters = Gets Measured. 

6 Not- to- Miss Metrics for Your Small Group Ministry Dashboard: 

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What not to miss indicators are on your small group dashboard?

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Gina's been in full time ministry since the year Mulan hit the movie theater. She's the author of the book, A Woman in Youth Ministry and frequent contributor to The Small Group Network. She lives with her Star Wars loving husband and 3 kids on the East Coast.


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